15 November 2019

Till debt do us part: dividing liabilities

By Laurence S. Klass

When most people think of family law cases, their minds turn to the dilemma of fairly dividing the family assets (in other words, “matrimonial property”): the house, the car, the pensions, perhaps the heirloom grandfather clock in the dining room. The flip side of the coin, however, is frequently less straightforward. What is the best…

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6 June 2019

Make the most of your family law consultation with these helpful tips!

Dealing with family law matters can be very emotional and stressful, and many clients are overwhelmed when they first call to schedule an initial consultation with a family lawyer. Navigating the legalities around family matters can seem very foreign and confusing. Having an initial consultation with a family lawyer will help you understand the process,…

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22 May 2019

Older and Wiser: The Phenomenon of Grey Divorce. A Multi-Disciplinary Conference

Jonathan Lazar, head of Watson Goepel’s Family Law Group will be presenting on “Difficult Cases Involving Aging Clients” at the Collaborative Divorce Vancouver‘s Older and Wiser: The Phenomenon of Grey Divorce conference being held May 23-24. This multi-disciplinary conference will focus on understanding the unique needs and challenges of divorcing couples over 50 years of age.

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14 May 2019

Family Law and ‘Unbundled’ Legal Services

By Gagan Mann

Individuals who are going through separation and divorce without a lawyer often feel considerable stress and uncertainty navigating the legal system. They may encounter difficulty educating themselves on court rules, procedures and the laws that apply to their case. For some, hiring a lawyer to represent them in their matter is simply not a financial…

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2 April 2019

Craig Neville and Jonathan Lazar present at the 2019 ADRBC Symposium

Watson Goepel LLP family law lawyers Craig Neville and Jonathan Lazar will be joining over 70 world class speakers this June at the 2019 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) BC Symposium. This cutting edge event brings together arbitrators, mediators, lawyers, in-house counsels, HR professionals, corporate and other users of ADR services, to discuss a range of…

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