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14 May 2019

Family Law and ‘Unbundled’ Legal Services

Gagan Mann

Individuals who are going through separation and divorce without a lawyer often feel considerable stress and uncertainty navigating the legal system. They may encounter difficulty educating themselves on court rules, procedures and the laws that apply to their case. For some, hiring a lawyer to represent them in their matter is simply not a financial…

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2 November 2018

Hearing the Child during Separation and Divorce

The Loss of the Child’s Voice When a couple is going through a separation or divorce, the well-being of the children ought to be their first priority.  While many parents may think that they have the best interests of their children in mind, they themselves are often busy trying to cope with the emotional and…

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19 October 2018

Family Law: Save Time and Money with Arbitration

Craig Neville

You don’t have to be embroiled in a family law dispute to know that trying to resolve family law matters through the court system is expensive and will likely take months or even years to complete. In the past, the traditional court process was seen as the only legal option available to families who couldn’t…

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5 October 2018

The Step Parent Wedding Celebration

Jonathan Lazar

When it comes to marriage these days, we all know how common it is for people to divorce, later remarry, and then eventually see their own kids grow up and get married. I was at the wedding of a good friend’s adult son this summer. It really was a storybook celebration (albeit a modern storybook).…

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