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Force Majeure - COVID-19 Contract Disputes

14 April 2020

Force majeure, frustration, and fairness: Navigating contractual disputes in the COVID-19 pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on our society. This impact will be felt for months and years to come. In light of the current circumstances, many businesses, organizations, and individuals are struggling to meet their obligations and are looking for guidance on how they can resolve any resulting business and contractual…

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27 March 2020

COVID-19 and the BC construction industry: Builders liens

On March 23 the Ontario and Quebec governments ordered that “non-essential” businesses close down, shortly followed by a list of “essential” businesses that were exempt from the mandatory closure. Quebec took a more cautious approach and ordered that all non-essential construction sites close. Ontario adopted a less restrictive approach and included the construction industry on…

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Renewing a Judgement in Vancouver

9 September 2019

“Renewing” a judgment in British Columbia

A British Columbia judgment for the payment of money or the return of personal property is effective for 10 years. A judgment can be “renewed”, but the process is not straightforward. This article provides a brief discussion of the steps necessary to renew the original judgement, and some of the complications that can arise in…

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