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23 June 2020

The new B.C. “benefit company”: Meaningful marketing tool or hollow political posturing?

By Arthur Cullinan

On 30 June 2020, the Business Corporations Act will be amended to introduce a new type of company called a “benefit company”.  While there are legitimate concerns as to whether this new type of company is actually needed, the concept could provide a lucrative marketing opportunity for many B.C. businesses. What are benefit companies? Benefit…

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1 May 2020

At a Glance: Federal and BC Provincial ‘Benefits for Businesses’ during COVID-19 *Updated*

By Cameron Funnell

Business owners are scrambling to understand the numerous and evolving support programs offered by the Federal and BC Provincial governments during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help make sense of it all, Associate Cameron Funnell has created an at-a-glance ‘COVID-19 Benefits for Businesses’ cheat sheet that clearly breaks down the various programs, the criteria for each,…

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21 April 2020

Webinar: Legal Impacts of COVID-19 on Businesses

By Watson Goepel LLP

Anand Athiviraham, Senior Associate in our Business Law Group, joins Marco Russo, Wealth Management Specialist, for a webinar presentation on Wednesday, April 22, that reviews the benefits provided by the Canadian Government as a response to COVID-19, and the resulting legal implications. They will address how to deal with employee layoffs, how the virus has…

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26 March 2020

Execution of legal documents during COVID-19: Land transactions

By Henry M. Ka

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic has disrupted Canadian life in ways that our citizens and residents have not experienced since World War II. Mobility has been restricted to unprecedented levels, but still, commerce continues, albeit conservatively. Land related transactions are one of the most common occurrences at a lawyer’s office where, almost always, the…

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6 March 2020

End of the wild west: BC Land Owner Transparency Registry coming to town

In the coming months, a new Land Owner Transparency Registry, a fundamental requirement under the Land Owner Transparency Act, is expected to come into effect. The public disclosure of ownership information in the Registry forms part of the British Columbia government’s strategy to improve housing affordability by increasing transparency of property ownership in BC. In…

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5 March 2020

Full disclosure: What private companies need to know about BC’s new Transparency Register

By Cameron Funnell

On October 1st, 2020, significant amendments to the British Columbia Business Corporations Act (the “Act”) will come into effect (this was initially scheduled to be May 1, 2020, but the date was changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic). These amendments require every private company incorporated under the Act to maintain a “transparency register” listing all…

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10 October 2019

The Brexit Effect: CETA and the WTO

By Celso Boscariol, Q.C.

Unless the latest deadline is another case of “The Boy Who Cried Brexit”, this Hallowe’en, October 31st, may be the day that the United Kingdom formally leaves the European Union. However, the UK Parliament’s European Union (Withdrawal) Act, which requires parliamentary approval of any withdrawal agreement negotiated between the UK and the European Union, and which will repeal the European Communities Act, may apply – thus postponing…

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4 October 2019

Essential Agreements for Your Business

By Anand Athiviraham

What agreements do I need for my business? A significant part of my practice involves advising clients on which agreements best suit their business needs and goals. Whether it’s two partners looking to start a new venture, a growing business looking to fundraise, or a more established entity negotiating an acquisition, they all need agreements…

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18 April 2019

June 2019 CBCA Regulations: Serious Implications for Private Corporations

By Henry M. Ka

On June 13, 2019, significant changes are being introduced that will directly affect corporations registered federally under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA). The pending changes are designed to bring the CBCA into compliance with Financial Action Task Force recommendations made in October 2018, specifically recommendations 10 and 22 which were intended  to prevent the…

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