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17 June 2016

Family Law: The Litigation Option

Finding your way through family law litigation is challenging. To help you guide you through the process the Watson Goepel Family Law Team has put together an overview of a few basic steps that you may go through when you opt to use litigation to resolve a family law dispute. Read the full post on…

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3 May 2016

Making your case in court: proper pleadings matter

Litigation is frequently an expensive, time-consuming and uncertain process. There is much to be said for early resolution outside the strict confines of court proceedings. However, it is not always possible to avoid taking a dispute to court. Pleadings (how you state your case to a judge) are not just technicalities When push comes to…

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1 May 2016

Family Law: Relocating with Children

Moving and relocating to a new city, province or even country following a divorce or separation is not unusual. However, if children are involved in the move special considerations apply. In the latest post from Watson Goepel’s Family Law Group they review the typical situations that arise, what the courts have done in these situations…

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21 March 2016

Directors’ Liability: What New Directors for Non-Profits Need to Know

On February 26, 2016, Anand Athiviraham was invited by the BC Chamber of Commerce to deliver a learning seminar to its members on directors’ liability in the context of non-profit organizations. This post summarizes some of the key considerations for new directors. We frequently receive questions from new directors elected onto boards of non-profit organizations…

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25 February 2016

Court of Appeal win in Right of First Refusal on a Commercial Real Estate Sale

Jeremy D. West and Serena K.H. Lam of Watson Goepel’s litigation team, successfully defended the earlier Summary Trial win by Serena and founding partner Bob Watson, in the British Columbia Court of Appeal in Alim Holdings Ltd. v. Tom Howe Holdings Ltd., 2016 BCCA 84 (reasons released February 24, 2016). The appeal concerned a right…

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9 February 2016

Take care when passing in winter driving conditions

In a recent decision, the BC Court of Appeal has upheld a Supreme Court decision finding that a motorist can be negligent when passing other vehicles in winter driving conditions and covering other vehicles in snow as it does so. In Link v. ICBC, 2015 BCCA 509 Mr. Link, the plaintiff was driving in winter…

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20 November 2015

“Home Alone” ruling upheld in BC Court of Appeal

The original ruling involving a mother and her (then) 8 year old child had the potential to define the age at which children can be left at home alone but the BC Court of Appeal was very careful to confine it’s decision to the facts of this particular case and did not rule on the…

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2 October 2015

Home alone in BC. How old is old enough?

Every parent faces this question eventually. Recent debates over free range kids and the latest decision from the BC courts put the matter front and centre for BC parents. There is still no definitive age stipulation so what are parents to do? This is the question addressed in a recent post from the Watson Goepel…

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