7 October 2014

Immigration: The Express Entry Program

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is expected to implement changes to three of the federal economic immigration programs on January 1, 2015, which may make the process of obtaining permanent resident status in Canada significantly more difficult for some applicants. A new program, dubbed Express Entry, will be implemented on that date and will affect…

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3 April 2014

Relocation under the Family Law Act – one year later

After the introduction of the Family Law Act last year, Part 4, Division 6 of the FLA introduced new obligations for guardians seeking to relocate where there is an existing (final) order or agreement respecting parenting arrangements or contact with a child. The legislation was also supposed to clarify the factors that a court must…

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7 August 2013

The Arbitration option in matrimonial cases: Timely access to justice

THE ARBITRATION OPTION IN MATRIMONIAL CASES: TIMELY ACCESS TO JUSTICE This week, one of the family lawyers in our office was inquiring about the availability of judges at the New Westminster registry of the BC Supreme Court. He needed a one day hearing on a family law matter and he was advised that for the…

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25 July 2013

Court underscores need for full disclosure in family proceedings

COURT UNDERSCORES NEED FOR FULL DISCLOSURE IN FAMILY PROCEEDINGS The new Family Law Act has, at its core, the promotion of dispute resolution through means other than the court. One of the foundational needs in resolution of family conflicts is full disclosure of a party’s finances. A recent BC Supreme Court decision gives us some…

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