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30 March 2015

Blockade Injunctions: General principles raised in the recent Red Chris Mine case.

Red Chris Development Company Ltd. v. Quock, 2014 BCSC 2399, involved the granting of an interlocutory injunction prohibiting certain individuals from blockading access roads to Red Chris mining operations located in northwestern British Columbia. As with most injunctions, the specific facts are important to the ultimate decision however the case highlights some general principles which…

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26 March 2015

BC’s Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT). Is it an option to resolve your strata property dispute?

Individuals that find themselves involved in a small claims dispute or battling it out with their strata council should note that in 2015 British Columbia is introducing Canada’s first online tribunal, the Civil Resolution Tribunal (the “CRT”). The CRT will have non-exclusive jurisdiction over most small claims matters (including many disputes involving $25,000 or less)…

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18 March 2015

Canadian Anti-Spam Law: CRTC issues Notice of Violation including $1.1M penalty

The first penalty under Canada’s fledgling Anti-Spam legislation was just levied and a company was fined over $1 million dollars for breaching the provisions of the Act. On March 5, 2015, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issued a Notice of Violation under CASL, the new Canadian Anti-Spam legislation, which includes a penalty of …

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17 March 2015

Tax Rules for Child Support and Spousal Support

Tax season is once again upon us. If you have made or received child or spousal support payments under a court order or written agreement, there are certain tax rules to be aware of when preparing your income tax return.  Many family law litigants are aware that spousal support must be claimed as taxable income…

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5 March 2015

End-of-Life Planning: Put Your Affairs in Order, Before It’s Too Late

Making a plan for the future is always a good idea. Recent news coverage of BC Alzheimer’s patient Margot Bentley and the Court of Appeal ruling on the effectiveness of her so-called “living will” serve to highlight the importance of taking care to make effective personal planning agreements in anticipation of the onset of degenerative…

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3 March 2015

Help Dealing with the Emotional Impact of a Relationship Breakdown

The breakdown of a marriage or common-law relationship is hard. If you are thinking about ending a significant relationship you may be worried about your kids, your income, your assets and your future. Aside from needing legal advice, which the Watson Goepel Family Law Group can provide, you should also consider finding an objective sympathetic…

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