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Most spinal cord injuries occur as the result of a sudden and traumatic event. Injuries to the spinal column can result in a number of conditions including paralysis, paraplegia and quadriplegia. A spinal cord injury can be a devastating and life altering event, leaving many people searching for answers. A serious spinal injury may result in a permanent physical disability, requiring long term care to manage even the most basic of daily activities. A spinal cord injury affects not only the victim, but their loved ones as well. The physical, emotional and financial toll can be far reaching.

If you or someone you love has sustained a spinal cord injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you want to know that your rights are being protected and that you receive all the support you are entitled to including medical expenses , pain and suffering including emotional destress, and lost wages. Reach out to one of our Spinal Cord Injury lawyers today for a free consultation, to ensure that your rights are being protected.

Common cause of spinal cord injury

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