We’re proud to announce Watson Goepel LLP’s Associate Fiona Beveridge’s appointment into BC’s Hear the Child Society roster. Fiona’s new appointment signifies the ongoing work to help make divorce, separation and formal legal proceedings easier for families. Established in late 2009, The Society, is a non-profit organization that provides support opportunities for children who wish to share their views and have their voices heard during family justice decision-making. With our understanding of the complexities of family law, divorce, and separation, it’s only natural that we are aligned with the values of The Society and their services.f


The Society believes in the rights of children to have a voice and to be heard in matters that affect them, providing children the platform to exercise this right and to offer accessible and non-evaluative interview process that respects these views.

Building on past work in the BC Province, among which is the International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD) on Meaningful Child Participation in Family Justice Processes, funded by The Law Foundation of BC. The “Hear the Child” non-evaluative child interview practice was then continued by several people involved in a pilot study. This method of interviewing has since been used and adapted by additional interviewers across British Columbia.


In this instance, The Society promotes inclusiveness, maintaining a roster of trained neutral, non-evaluative child interviewers while also presenting public, professional education in this area of learning and development.

As part of the Interviewers duties, they are expected to interview a child and prepare a report containing the child’s views in verbatim so that their views are considered by decision makers about the child’s best interests in a family justice process such as a mediation or court case. The interviewers are not obliged to assess the children or the parents.

Fiona’s new appointment to the roster denotes our continued support for The Society and children across the Lower Mainland who have been impacted by divorce and other legal proceedings.


If you are aligned with the values of The Society, an ongoing $50 annual membership goes directly to supporting their efforts.

Visit the BC Hear the Child website to complete a Membership Form.

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