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29 April 2013

Fighting Words: Hurtful Communication Between Co-Parents

April 3, 2012 – Family Law Blog posted by Megan McWhirter Many parents have described to me how their ex-spouse is the inferior parent; he or she doesn’t buy organic, eats dinner in front of the television, watches two and a half men and doesn’t make the child floss before bed.  At this point, there may…

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26 April 2013

BC Family Law Has Changed

 On March 18, 2013, BC’s family law is changing. If you are not married but have been living with your partner for more than two years, or you are not married but you and your partner have a child, these changes could affect you. Our capable Family Law Group, headed by Craig Neville, is…

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11 April 2013

Ineffective powers of attorney can impact real estate transactions

Real Estate practitioners on both the transaction side and the litigation side should take note of the recent decision in Malek v. Tanbakookar, 2012 BCSC 1742 (CanLII) where Mr. Justice Armstrong decided a summary trial application in favour of a defendant purchaser represented by Jeremy West of Watson Goepel LLP. In brief, the plaintiffs and…

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3 April 2013

Celso Boscariol headed to the Hague for EU-Canada Day Conference on April 22, 2013

Mr. Boscariol is also the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada and has been actively engaged in furthering bilateral relations between the EU and Canada for quite sometime. The CETA’s core areas for negotiation are market access and trade for goods and services, investment protection, government procrurement, NTBs to trade and regulatory…

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5 March 2013

Family Law – If you are not prepared to provide financial information be prepared to “go straight to jail without passing GO”

In Neufeld v. Nesbitt, the Supreme court had occasion to consider a contempt application following a party’s refusal to provide financial information for the purposes of matrimonial proceedings. The Respondent(a Dr. this case) had been ordered to provide financial disclosure of his assets and income. He had neglected to do so and by the time…

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25 February 2013

Watson Goepel launches video campaign on family law changes

As part of our efforts to get the word out that family law in BC is about to undergo significant change. The Family Law Group here at Watson Goepel LLP has launched a video campaign on YouTube to raise awareness and offer resources for people who may well be affected by the changes that come…

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22 February 2013

I Stand to be Corrected, Somewhat.

Posted by Jonathan M. Lazar. Last year I commented on the post-Trial decision of Kerpan v. Vovers, where Mr. Vovers was deemed to have been ‘served’ with initial legal proceedings dating back to the early ‘90’s. He was therefore technically responsible for over $200,000 in past–due child support owing for his daughter, Jade. There were…

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